Initially taught by an army drummer, Geoff started playing at around fourteen years old. The intention was to progress to as many instruments as he could learn but he soon found out that drums was to be a passion that would endure for a great many years.
With a drum kit borrowed from a local youth club he joined a local band and was soon hooked for life. From the age of seventeen he was playing regularly in rock bands up and down the country turning professional at the age of twenty one by which time, as well as touring the UK, he toured Europe and Scandinavia.
Signing to CBS record label Epic in 1976, he has had a vast amount of studio experience playing for both his signed band and other artists as a session player. He has worked with producers such as Simon Levine, Junior Campbell, Nicky Graham and Rod Houison.
Around the same time as joining CBS he started what was to be the most interesting venture of his career which is teaching. He chose to concentrate his efforts on educating other drummers whilst still playing live with his own band and for anyone else who required a solid, accomplished, reliable drummer.

The teaching studio is conveniently located in Bexleyheath, Kent close to south east London. The studio comprises an acoustic kit and an electronic kit with all the teaching aids necessary to ensure excellent one to one tuition.