Tailored Tutoring

People take up drumming for many varied reasons so lessons are tailored specifically towards a student’s needs and capabilities. Some of you may only ever want to play for fun in your own back room, some may wish to fulfil a life long yearning, others may endeavour to reach the level of musicianship achieved by the very few. Remember the enjoyment (and torment) is the same whether you play for fun or for a living, you get out what you put in.

graded exams

So you prefer to work on a graded programme with a recognised certificate?

Many students, once they have grasped the fundamentals of drumming, wish to take graded exams and, to date, none of my students have ever failed any of them. In fact credit is the usual pass achieved as a minimum but remember there is no requirement to take these exams and the overwhelming majority of students choose not to. At the end of the day your drumming ability is much more important than the piece of paper confirming the fact.

written material

All exercises are documented for practice.

Virtually all lessons have written exercises to accompany them. These are not simply copied from a book, they are studies developed by me to ensure your progress is steady and within your capability. And don’t worry about reading music; you will be capable of doing that after the first lesson.